SD Ferguson: Starfish & Sand Dollars
SD Ferguson: Starfish & Sand Dollars
Sheila Ferguson

I'm creating a playground for us to master the lessons from my book.

Happiness is just a thought away. With practice.

About Me

I am a generalist and life-long learner. I love the challenge of start-up businesses and turnarounds. Occasionally, I will take on an interim executive assignment, but mostly I work from my home on Hilton Head Island on projects I love or have the opportunity to impact my community.  Today, I support an extraordinary team of women as the Chief Operating Officer for JUARA Skincare.

Journey Back to Me: Touring the Landscape of My Mind is my first book. I joke saying I caught the writing bug from Pat Conroy -- my very favorite author -- when he spoke at a local event I helped coordinate just before he announced he was ill.  I was ecstatic to be able to sit at his table and personally experience his kindness and wit. It was the opportunity of a lifetime! I held back nothing to express my admiration and flirted shamelessly with him, enjoying and relishing every minute!

Shortly thereafter in spite of having no experience or education in the craft of writing, I set out to write the story of Liza. Writing the book was a journey of perseverance, peppered with periodic bouts of self-doubt. One of the main lessons in the story is to trust and follow your heart. I had to practice that lesson throughout the entire writing and publishing process.

Ultimately what I hoped to accomplish in writing the book was to spur conversations about what truly matters to us and to advance our ability to govern our thoughts so that we transcend our fear and self-doubt to lead the happy, meaningful, fulfilling lives we all yearn for.

The book presented the lessons. This community provides the opportunity for us to put them into practice. Together. 

I believe nothing is more important.

Why Starfish & Sand Dollars?

lf we want results (and we do), we have to understand how to get them. And if we want permanent results fast, we really have to understand what motivates us to change. 

We have five choices:

Fear. Well, we're not going to use that one!

Power. Nah. Not that one either.

Growth and Achievement. Sounds good.

Social Belonging. This accelerates results.

Incentives and Rewards. I could make this fun!

Starfish & Sand Dollars uses the last three universal desires:  our desire to grow and accomplish good things, our desire to hang out and be encouraged and supported by good people up to big things and contribute to them in meaningful ways, and our love to get rewarded! 

We take the weighty topic of why we do the crazy things we do to sabotage our own happiness and use it to make it fun to stop doing them.

You create your own reward system -- so you are motivated by things you love. For me, it's starfish and sand dollars. 

Each week we challenge ourselves by applying lessons from Journey Back to Me. And then we reward ourselves! We learn from ourselves and we learn from each other. Our accumulation of treasure is a reflection of our progress. 

And it works.

Results You Can Expect

With the support of a community, we can accomplish things we could never do on our own at a pace faster than we could accomplish on our own.

With support, practice, and consistency, 

  • You will relate to fear, anxiety, and self-doubt as just another opportunity to break through a barrier that limits your freedom. You will take risks you would have otherwise avoided.
  • You will navigate confidently through life’s challenges with new skills and a crowd cheering you on.
  • You will bask in the inner peace you have been seeking and made your own.
  • You can just be yourself. No more feeling alone of worrying you’re crazy. You’ll know you’re not alone. And have plenty of crazy company.

We make it simple and apply every bit of brain science we can to rewire our brains the way we want them. Thankfully, we hide most of this from you.

Not on Facebook

Where else are you going to learn how to reliably...

  • Get off and stop riding the What-if Worry Coaster and Last-Word Merry-Go-Round
  • Stop digging holes in the sand and collecting grievances and grudges
  • Be generous with yourself instead of beating yourself up in the Punishing Room
  • Uncover the Mountain of Lies that rob you of power
  • Trust yourself and your inner wisdom and remove your barriers to your natural state of inner peace?

Not on social media!

Your time is better spent here.

The Fine Print


Why You Should Join Me

We have this unlimited capacity to create happiness. But we're not in the habit of using it. 

We remember and then we forget.

This is a structure to help you remember. 

We get motivated. Then get discouraged. 

This is a structure to keep you in the game. After all, it's your precious life. 

It becomes arduous. 

Starfish & Sand Dollars makes it fun and rewarding. And fulfilling. I don't want to forget that part! 

It's no fun doing it alone. 

You are never alone. In fact, the opposite. You are surrounded by a community of brave souls with the same goal -- to use the amazing ability to rewire our brains to become our best selves and to focus on the things that really matter.  We won't give up on you -- even and especially when you give up on yourself.

You will stay challenged and inspired...the foundation for doing (and sustaining!) your best work in whatever direction your heart desires.

You Know What the Voice Would Say

So, follow the whisper. 

Join us. 

Pssssst. Don't forget your Rockstar camisole. 

You'll need it.